Why You Should Build Your Career in Construction?

Have you ever driven past a breathtaking new bridge or admired the details of a restored heritage building and thought, "Wow, someone actually built that"? Maybe you've dreamt of designing dream homes or contributing to the towering cityscapes that define Australia's biggest cities. Well, the good news is, those dreams can become reality!

Think about it – every new school, hospital, road, and even the house you live in – they all started as blueprints brought to life by skilled construction professionals. The Australian Government itself predicts ongoing growth in construction jobs, meaning a secure and rewarding career path is within your reach. So, are you ready to be a part of something bigger and leave your lasting mark on Australia's built environment? 

Why Choose Construction?

The Australian construction industry is booming, and it offers a fantastic combination of security, opportunity, and personal satisfaction. Here are five compelling reasons why construction might be the perfect fit for you:

1. Job Security & Steady Growth:

Let's face it, job security is a major concern these days. However, construction offers fantastic stability. The future growth for Construction Managers is projected to be 10.2%. That means a high demand for skilled workers, translating to a secure career path for you. Economic downturns can be scary, but construction has proven to be more resilient than many other sectors – so you can build your future with confidence! [source: LabourMarketinsights.gov.au

2. Competitive Salaries & Rewarding Benefits:

Construction trades offer some of the most attractive salaries and benefits in Australia. Think about it – you'll be developing valuable skills, and you'll be well-compensated for your hard work.  Many construction companies also offer fantastic benefits packages, including health insurance, superannuation contributions, and paid training opportunities. 

Construction Managers earn an average weekly salary of $3,497. [source: LabourMarketinsights.gov.au]

A Builder’s average salary in Australia is $105,000 per year or $53.85 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $78,856 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $165,000 per year. [source: au.talent.com]

3. Diverse Opportunities & Endless Possibilities:

The beauty of construction lies in its variety! Whether you want to be a carpenter or a plumber, there's always a trade waiting for you. 

Do you love working with intricate electrical systems? Become an electrician!  Perhaps tiny details is your thing? Building surveying could be your calling!  There are even specialized trades like air-conditioning and refrigeration Mechanic or HVAC technician who keep our buildings cool and comfortable. The construction industry offers a vast array of exciting opportunities to match your unique skills and interests. Explore this vast range of qualifications offered by the Building Institute NSW and discover your perfect career path in building Australia's future.   

4.  Hands-On & Rewarding:

Construction is a perfect fit for the practical problem-solver! Each day brings new projects and unique situations. You'll be actively involved in the building process from the ground up. Imagine the immense satisfaction of standing back and admiring a completed project – knowing you played a crucial role in bringing it to life. There's a real sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing your work become a tangible part of the Australian landscape.

5.  Lifelong Learning & Career Progression:

The construction industry is all about continuous learning and development.  There are always new technologies, techniques, and regulations to master. The good news is you'll have plenty of opportunities to upskill and advance your career. Start your journey with a Certificate III qualification, then progress to supervisory roles or even specialize in areas like building surveying through advanced diploma programs. Construction offers a clear pathway for growth, allowing you to build your skills and expertise throughout your career.

Which construction courses should you choose to advance your career?

Now, let's talk about turning your excitement of construction into action. 

1. Apprenticeships

The traditional pathway to construction is the tried-and-tested apprenticeship. Here, you'll gain valuable, real-world experience by working alongside qualified tradespeople on actual construction projects. While you learn the basics, you'll also earn a qualification, often a Certificate III, through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom learning. 

2. Certificate III Qualifications

Looking for a quicker start? Trade schools offer intensive training programs that can get you job-ready in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional apprenticeships. These programs typically focus on developing core skills in a specific trade, like carpentry or qualifications to be an electrician. Certificate III qualifications are the industry standard entry point for many construction trades. These nationally recognized qualifications provide the foundational knowledge and skills you need to start your construction career. The Building Institute NSW offers a wide range of Certificate III qualifications,  including:  

Completing a Certificate III qualification can lead to various employment opportunities or be a stepping stone to further qualifications and specializations.

3. Advanced Diplomas: Take Your Expertise to the Next Level

For those who crave leadership roles or specialized careers within construction, advanced diploma programs offer exciting possibilities.  These programs build upon your existing trade qualifications and knowledge, equipping you with advanced skills in areas like project management, site supervision, or Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying: Building Surveyor Course. This path can unlock supervisory roles and project management opportunities or even pave the way for starting your own construction business.

The construction industry is looking for passionate individuals who are eager to learn and contribute. If you have the drive and interest, there's a rewarding career path waiting for you. 

So, are you ready to build your future in construction? 

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Is building an attractive field?

Answer: Absolutely! Experienced workers usually earn the same or more than their college-educated peers. Construction is one of the few jobs that allows you to begin working immediately after high school, rise swiftly, and earn reasonable pay with good benefits. 

What is the most significant aspect in the building industry?

Answer: Client Priorities. They are the most essential component influencing the cost of a building project, and they will change for each task. 

What Makes a Construction Project Successful?

Answer: A construction project is considered successful when it is finished on schedule, within budget, and to the necessary quality standards.

What constitutes effective construction management?

Answer: This type of management focuses on doing high-quality work in a safe and efficient manner. Managers of these works keep a tight eye on building sites and plan every stage of the process.